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The Atlanta Jazz Dance Preservation Society Presents:


High Society Meet Up

Featuring Reuel Reis & Huy Huynh

June 3-5, 2011

Lindy Hop - Solo Jazz - Charleston - Performance & More!

We are happy to be bringing Reuel Reis and Huy Huynh to Atlanta, together with some of your favorite local instructors, for a fun-filled weekend of workshops and social dancing!

  • 2 full days of workshops!
  • 3 nights of dancing!
  • Saturday Solo Jazz Contest!

Check out the Instructor Line-up!

  • Reuel Reis
  • Huy Huynh
  • Erica DeBlasio
  • Sosh Howell
  • Morgan Kestner
  • Robert Barbier
  • Patrick Manigault
  • Natalie Manigault